Topic 30 – Information that can be gathered from Analysis of Companies that are Listed in LEAP Market

To date there are three companies that are listed in LEAP Market with another company which is targeted to be listed on 26 February 2018.

  1. How much money had been raised by each of the four companies in the LEAP market?

The total gross amount raised ranges from RM 3 million to RM 7 million as shown in the table tabulate below.

  1. How was the pricing set for the four companies that are listed in LEAP Market when it is offered at the time of listing to sophisticated investors?

Generally, LEAP Market companies command a higher price earning multiple as compared with companies in the Main Market and ACE Market with a price earning multiple that ranges from 13 times to 16 times, and price to book multiple that ranges from 3 times to 4 times, possibly that such companies still have growth potential compared to more matured companies.

However, companies in the LEAP Market generally do not command high liquidity as the shares which are in the individual public during the initial listing is low in percentage. Generally, liquidity shall improve as time progresses when the moratorium shares held by promoters are released to market as time progresses.



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