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Topic 13 – Solar Power Plant Installations In Malaysia

ISSUE 13 – DATE 7 SEPTEMBER 2015 INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE In this article, I wish to tabulate some published information obtained from my research by going through public announcements in the public domain, both the company’s websites, news in the media, annual... read more

Topic 12 – Factors That Determine Currency Exchange Rate

ISSUE 12 – DATE 19 August 2015 INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Currency exchange rate affects an operational entity in many ways, and practically the overall economy in general. Some sectors will benefits while others may be negatively affected whenever domestic currency... read more

TOPIC 11 – Valuation Hierarchy

ISSUE 11  – DATE 9 August 2015 INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Often in times, we notice that there are many valuation techniques being used and we also noted that the outcome of the fair values is affected by the technique chosen.  Some of the techniques chosen require an... read more

Topic 10 – Credit risk and Counterparty credit risk

ISSUE 10  – DATE 6 August 2015 1. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE This article attempts to discuss some considerations on credit risk of a body corporate and counter party credit risk of a body corporate, applicable to a national electricity body such as Tenaga National... read more
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