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Topic 29 – Oil and Gas Industry in Malaysia

OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY IN MALAYSIA Petroleum Oil is formed more than 600 million years ago from pressure built on tiny dead living animals and plants (plankton) sank on seabed and through pressure from the top of the seabed.   THE ORIGIN OF OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY IN... read more

Topic 28 – Bitcoin – Explanation Made Simple (Part 2)

IS CRYPTOCURRENCY THE FUTURE OF MONEY? HOW TO KEEP BITCOIN? In a Bitcoin wallet, that can be downloaded and setup from a computer or smartphone. BITCOIN WALLET PASSWORD – ONCE FORGOTTEN UNLIKELY TO BE RETRIEVED Just an example to show how important of choosing a place... read more

Topic 27 – Bitcoin – Explanation Made Simple (Part 1)

This is a two-part article on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering. WHAT IS BITCOIN? WHO INVENTED BITCOIN? Satoshi Nakamoto, a software developer, believed to be a pseudo-name used by the unknown person or people who designed Bitcoin. WHAT PROMPTED... read more

Topic 26 – The Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia

Upstream – Produce FFB Plantation of palm oil trees to produce fresh fruit bunch. Midstream – Mills to convert FFB to CPO and PKO The FFB produced are processed at mills to produce crude palm oil (“CPO”) and Palm Kernel Oil (“PKO”). Total annual world supply of CPO in... read more

Topic 25 – Rubber Industry in Malaysia – An Overview

THE RUBBER INDUSTRY Malaysia is the world’s fifth largest producer of natural rubber after Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. Natural latex from rubber while synthetic rubber is a derivative from petrochemical. The key property of natural rubber is low heat... read more

Topic 24 – Poultry Industry in Malaysia – An Overview

THE POULTRY INDUSTRY The poultry industry is an important source to supply meat protein to Malaysian. The total value of sales value for chicken  eggs and chicken meat ex-farm are believed to exceed RM 10 billion annually. As an average, the consumption of chicken... read more

Topic 23 – Packaging Industry in Malaysia – An Overview

THE PACKAGING INDUSTRY ECOSYSTEM The packaging business can be categorized based on: – (i) the material it uses to manufacture the packaging product (ii) based on the market it serves. Under material it uses, it can be broadly classified into plastic based and... read more

Topic 21 – Subscribing to IPO Stocks

IS INVESTMENT IN IPO WITHOUT RISK? In this article, I have compiled the companies and SPAC that were listed in the Main Market and ACE Market in past two years and study the financial returns on assumption that we subscribe the stocks during IPO and the financial... read more
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